Friday 12 March 2021

Busy morning!

So far today I've achieved quite a fair amount - it may not sound like a lot to those who aren't disabled, but it's a huge amount for me so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now.


So far today I've had a healthy breakfast (a serving of sultanas), filled a gap in my belly a few hours later with half a packet of biscuits while researching my sites' news items (there wasn't anything for either of my personal sites {my homepage and my navigation page}, but there was an average amount on my writing site, then I got completely stuffed with my lunch 🍴 and spent the afternoon taking surveys and catching up on my emails.


Assuming I get an early start tomorrow, I'm hoping to get the news sorted then start studying for the first time this week.  Gonna go and finish off my lunch now though and maybe study a short course until bedtime, but I'm not gonna pressure myself into doing it if I really don't feel up to it.  Might start studying on Alison so that I can cheat my way to a bronze medal today, silver tomorrow and gold on Sunday❗ 🙄🤣

I've taken all my pills every day so far this week, which is awesome too.  Steve's just phoned his mum to request a new spaghetti jar and to ask about taking the broken fan to the tip, but apparently you need to make an appointment to go over there now, so they're either going to wait until things are back to normal with the virus again or take it with them when they've got an appointment for themselves.


Did my squats first thing - the most I've ever done and my knees have been feeling it ever since 😞

I remembered to remind Steve to phone his doc just before lunch and he was able to fill in something on their website and he got a text to say that he'd be contacted on Thursday (18th) about it - that's 6 days time❗❗

I'm gonna make a start on the studying for an hour or so now, then there will hopefully be room in my belly for the leftovers 😀  I just hope it's not too late for me to not feel sick when I clamber into bed tonight 😟

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