Tuesday 16 March 2021

Book Review: "The Thinkers Journey: Mastering Bits of Wisdom" by JT Phillips

⭐ out of 5

Every book I review starts off with the full 5 stars... not all of them leave with them all still there.  I always hope that it'll be a 5 star book and this one is no different, so lets get started.

Oh dear, I'm 7 pages in and the author is already quoting the Bible at me... I hope it's not liberally spread throughout or I won't be reading the whole book.  It's already lost a star and I haven't even read into the double figured pages yet!

Two pages later and the author is talking about God's plan now... I'm tempted to knock off another star, but if there's too much more Christianity I'll stop reading altogether.  This wasn't sold to me as a Christian book, so why is it being rammed down my throat already?

Now the author is quoting God instead of the Bible, so that's the second star gone and I'm only up to page 9!

Page 10 and there's an error that should have been picked up in the first round of edits... not looking good so far but I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt this time 'cos they've already had two stars taken off and I'm feeling generous right now so they are getting off lightly.

Page 14 and the author is quoting the Bible yet again... I'm giving them one more chance not to quote the Bible or God before they lose a second star for that reason.  If the author is such a die-hard Christian that has to quote the Bible at every opportunity, then it should have been sold as self-help *for Christians*!!

The author is just droning on and on and on and on, which is sooo boring!  I can't see me recommending this book to many people and if they aren't Christian then I'll tell them to avoid it instead.

Skipped ahead to a random page in total and utter boredom, so I'm now on page 57 and I seriously hope it has drastically improved by now.

I hope the author has got permission to quote these people, and if he has then he needs to learn to quote properly 'cos it's just been quotation marks and the persons name so far.

Still boring and not a word that I would consider self-help even after skipping forward to page 119 so that's a star coming off... the author has only got one more star to lose in the next 70 pages and it ain't looking too good unfortunately.  A very minor positive is that the author hasn't quoted God or the Bible  since I first skipped forward, so maybe there's hope still clinging on by its fingertips??

Page 136 and Proverbs has been quoted, so that's the final star gone and me stopping reading.  A hugely disappointing book that was nothing even remotely approaching self-help.

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