Monday, 7 March 2011

Mitzi is...

Mitzi is our little pup... a Westie that we re-homed from Dogs Trust back in July last year and she is wonderful! Our food shopping has just been delivered and our little Mitzi just sat there watching TV - the thought of running out of the open front door didn't even cross her mind!

Not many dogs would do that even if they'd been trained but Mitz has only been trained to obey "stay" and she is amazingly obedient considering she's only 20 months old!

I gave her a biscuit as a reward for being so obedient and we'll need to get her another box of biscuits soon! lol

Everyone should have a Mitzi in their lives!

1 comment:

  1. She sounds absolutely adorable. I just adopted 2 kittens (5 mos old littermates) once my 15 year old Gretchen passed away Feb 11, 2011, so I share your pet adopting philosophy too. Take care of yourself.