Tuesday 26 April 2011

Our little puppy is amazing!

We've just had the shopping delivered again and Mitzi was an incredible little girl the whole time!

After her running out of the door several months ago I've been paranoid about her doing it again so I hold on to her collar while Steven moves the bags into the house then closes the door and I take the fridge and freezer stuff into the kitchen.

Spectacular moment number 1 was that she jumped off the sofa and went down the hall when the food arrived so Steven asked her to go back into the living room, which she did, then jumped onto the sofa and sat down.

The second spectacular moment was even better than that... Steven asked me to take some rubbish out to the bin while he put the shopping away so I asked Mitzi to stay and opened the door while I put the rubbish in the bin. The door was wide open and there is no way that either of us could have stopped her if she'd made a run for it but the wonderful little girl stayed exactly where she was until I came in and closed the door!

She's just such a special little girl and I'm so glad she is ours!

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