Wednesday 27 March 2013

I'm feeling...

I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself right now!

I've just summed up the courage to open a letter I've been dreading all day in case it was to demand a payment again.

The letter *was* from a debt collection agency but they weren't demanding money, they were just confirming a direct debit I set up with them on 15th March and letting me know that the last payment would be around 15th April 2024!

I know that seems forever (or at least it does to me right now) but it's only 11 years away and I haven't got the credit card in my purse any more so I've got no way of spending any more on it either.  I just hope they don't send me statements and that they just take the money every month otherwise I'll crack and want to spend money instead of paying it back!

I've just got 2 more credit cards and 3 store cards to pay off now (although I think 2 of the store cards have already been paid off).

I'm never ever getting credit again.  If I want something but can't afford it then tough luck!  I'm never getting into this pickle over money ever again... it's not worth it!

1 comment:

  1. I'm proud of you. You have taken the first step to improve your life and get all caught up with your debts.

    You go, girl!!