Friday 29 April 2016

Steve and Mitzi

Just taken the pup for her walk and she pooed so I went out and cleared it up.

Then I went out the back and cleared up her poo from there, binned the bag and came in.

I'm now shaking like a leaf in a storm.

Then I asked him to take Mitzi's harness off and all he did was undo the buckles.  Yours truly had to take her harness and put it back in the kitchen.

I asked Steve to get the door today and he just fell asleep on me. 


That's all he effing does and I get the blame for the state of the house!  It's me that's disabled, not him!  He's my effing carer fer flip's sake - he takes the credit for that at every opportunity but doesn't actually do anything for me!

It's me that does everything for him and I don't get any credit at all!

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