Saturday 28 November 2015

Cor lummy! That was an experience!

I love going to the Harvester.

It's my favourite eatery.

We haven't been for literally years because we don't have a car atm.

Steve found a place that does delivery of some of Harvesters stuff.

We both forgot just how big the portions are and how filling everything is too.

I had button mushrooms with garlic dip, sweet potato fries and a veggie burger that came with nacho's and chips.

We were both thinking in terms of our usual take aways where we're full, but only just.

I was full by the time I finished the mushrooms but wanted to try the sweet potato fries to see what they were like then made the mistake of making a start on the burger too... I only got half way through it before I was bloated!  lol

It cost a lot just for the two of us and we'll definitely halve the amount we order next time - not because of the cost, but because tonight has just been too much but now that we know what to expect it can be an occasional treat rather than a daily expense when we've already got food in the house!

It was very yummy though!

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