Monday 30 November 2015

The bloke at the end of the street again

When I took the pup out for her walk this morning the bloke at the end of the street was out with his wife again.

He blocked the top of the street just in case I took Mitzi all the way up.  I just walked up to where we usually go then turned around and walked to the place we always walk to.

The bloke and his wife saw how far that was and didn't like it so they walked down as we were walking back up the street.

We walked up the street again to our usual position then turned around and the bloke was standing blocking the bottom of the street this time.

He's now seen where I take the pup on our morning walks and we've got the phone number for the police if he starts on me and Mitzi again.  He's already used the excuse of Mitzi upsetting their son's dog, he's already got the RSPCA involved so if he does it again tomorrow we'll get the police out to him again.  We're not doing anything wrong - the police, council and the RSPCA have all said that and he saw himself this morning that we aren't doing anything to upset his son's dog as well as following his own demands so the ball is in his court now!

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