Tuesday 26 July 2016

Another three prayers answered today!

The first was to get Jess to come and do Steve's legs nice and early so that I could have a bath.

She came at 9.30am and was gone by 10am so I got in the bath.

Second was that I didn't need to go to see the doc today after all.  The doc called just as I was getting dressed after me bath.  She said I didn't need to see her after all because my coil is for the Endometriosis instead of contraception.

The third was that the OT lady didn't come when I was trying to put the cover on the duvet so that I wasn't half naked.  I'd literally just put my arms through the top and pulled it over my head and she came to the door... literally 30 seconds earlier and I wouldn't have had a top on!

There really are Higher Powers out there and they really do listen to what you're thinking about even when you aren't praying to them... they listen to your desires and act on them!

Thank you to the Green Man, Mother Nature and Gaia for helping me out this afternoon even though I wasn't expecting it!

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