Saturday 5 September 2015

14,222 words now and I'm trying to research stuff about vets atm

Been writing 1,200ish words this morning and I'm sorta stuck now because Speckle's Diary needs input from someone who works in a vet's so that I can put in a bit more info about the eldest human puppy's vet job that pays minimum wage and she does things that no-one else wants to do.

A couple of member's of SCBWI have said they know of 2 people so I've sent one of them a Facebook PM because she's a SCBWI member too and I'm waiting to hear about how to contact the other one 'cos she's not a SCBWI member.  If either of them can help me, I'll give them the eldest human puppy's mentor's name as a thank you!

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