Monday 13 June 2016

Shaking like a leaf now!

Just cleared up the pup's poo, got trapped behind a bin bag, called for Steve to come and help me and he didn't move.

Didn't even reply.

If M comes tonight and says I don't do anything, I'll email her my diary of things I did in October, tell her that I take the pup for her walk every morning, feed and water the pup, clear up her poo as well as taking the rubbish and recycling out whenever it needs to be done and answering the door to her and Steve's carer every day, answer the door whenever someone comes to it and taking Steve's dressings through to the kitchen.

If she continues to say I don't do anything, I'll say that Steve won't mind taking my place for a week if I don't do anything.  Then I can just sleep and have control of the telly every day and he can take my place.

Steve can then whine to M about how much I've forced him to do and we'll swap back again with M knowing that I do more than Steve every day so she can stop having a go at me about it!

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