Thursday 12 April 2018


Been working on a cyber security course with OpenLearn for the last couple of days and I've just put what I've learnt on that course to use on a phishing email apparently from Google Analytics!

From first look, it seems to be a genuine email from Google... technical words used, perfect spelling and grammar etc, but it wasn't addressed to me personally so the alarm bells started ringing, it used an address I don't use for Google Analytics, so the alarm bells carried on ringing, then there was a link at the bottom of the email asking me to go to a page to update my settings, so I hovered over it and it wasn't a Google address so there's no way I'm clicking on it.

Even a week ago I would have done and I would have been victim to a phishing scam, but thanks to the course telling me what checks to make, I'm free and safe from a phishing scam!  Yaaaaay!

Thank you OpenLearn!!

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