Monday 1 December 2014

That's two helpful people in 2 phone calls!

We're with the telephone preferences service to stop unwanted calls.

Someone called this afternoon trying to sell me something and when I said we didn't want to have these calls, he asked if we were ex-directory or with the TPS and when I said we were with the TPS, he appologised and said that he'd remove our number from the database... that call lasted less than a minute but the bloke was amazingly helpful and understanding so I'm hopeful that we won't be getting any more calls from his company.

The second call lasted 11 minutes 23 seconds and the woman I spoke to sorted out my 2 queries within a couple of minutes and I'll be expecting a card reader within 5-7 working days so that I can increase the payment of £25 a month to £100 a month to my back-up bank account!

A 100% success rate so far today!  Just waiting for our shopping to be delivered closer to 6pm than 7pm so that I can have an early night tonight and I'll be able to wake up with the 3 alarms in the morning instead of going back to sleep like I did this morning!  Oops!  lol

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