Wednesday 28 March 2018

Book review: How To Live: To Live is Hard; Never Give-up by Trina Jordan

☆☆ out of 5

I had high hopes for this book, given the title.

I thought it'd give me ideas of how to improve my life and inspire me to make my life better than it had ever been before.


It's full of lecturing and made me constantly feel that the author was talking down to me. Made me feel like she knew me personally and knew what was best for me so kept going on about how you can do this and you can do that, which sounds inspirational but after the first few times it gets to be really annoying.

There's all sorts of spelling and grammar mistakes, on top of hypenating random words that have never been hypenated outside this book.

There are small bits that are kinda OK, but the content of the book isn't anything like the title promises.

There's a title image at the top of every page that takes up at least a quarter of each page and the font is huge as well as being double line spaced so it's more like 75 pages than 209 if you take the image and double line spacing out!

There are way too many characters who make an appearance for a couple of pages then are never mentioned again.

I appreciate that the author put a lot of herself into the book, but it needs oneheckuva lot of proof-reading and editing as well as a lot less lecturing in the content of the book.

Save your money on this book. Sorry.

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