Thursday 22 March 2018

Just had a...

Just been blue-screened for the second time in my life which made me panic 'cos the first time it happened was in 2016, almost to the day, which made me lose everything.  Thankfully this laptop had been delivered literally a few days earlier and I'd moved everything between laptops when it happened but if I hadn't been able to afford this laptop I would have been in deep poo!

It seems to have been more like the Windows ME blue screens that happened several times a day though, 'cos I haven't lost anything other than the time it took to report the blue screen to Microsoft and log back in, thankfully!

Even if I *had* lost everything with this blue screen, I would only have lost the stuff that I've used and saved in the last 5 days 'cos I back everything up every Saturday as routine "just in case" paranoia is all.  Things like this make me grateful for my paranoia... it's why I run a deep virus scan of my entire laptop every Friday too!

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