Thursday 22 March 2018

Part of my prescription has just been delivered

When I first found out about the pharmacy being able to deliver prescriptions, I was told it took 5 working days which was awesome.

A few months later, because of my dairy allergy, I was told it'd be 7 working days for delivery because they had to order them in from the manufacturer because they were lactose free.

That was fine too, I just phoned through the order a few days sooner.

This time though, I was waiting for two weeks with no updates so Steve phoned them last week to find out what was going on.  The pharmacy had "lost the script" and were waiting for a new one from my GP so that they could contact the manufacturer but I'd definitely have them on Tuesday.

It got to 4pm on Tuesday and they still hadn't been delivered so Steve phoned the pharmacy who said they were waiting for the prescription from my surgery but that they "had the pills waiting" for me and they would try and get them out on Wednesday if they could, or definitely Thursday.

They've just been delivered.

But only 10 days worth.

The pharmacy put an IOU form on the front saying that they owe me 16 days so I hope they arrive in the next 12 days.

I'll order my next lot when I've got 14 days left instead of the 5 I was promised when I signed up to get them delivered.

Not a happy bunny.

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