Monday 18 January 2016

Is my maths right, please?

Starting in February I'll have £200 spare every month after all my direct debits have come out.

£200x5 is £1000 yeah?

That goes towards paying off either my BC credit card that I owe the most to or CO that is due to be paid off in August 2019 with my current payment plan.

The only one I'm paying interest on is BC because apparently they reduced it when we were with the debt management bods.

Then I'll have £200 in June to pay for my prescription pre-payment card, my mum's birthday gift and our anniversary gift.

I'll save up again between July and September so that's another £600 yeah?  Then I've got Steve and C's birthday's in October which I'll pay for with the £200 from the October money, another £200 in November and the final £200 of the year goes on Yule gifts.

So, here's the maths:

5X£200=£1000 + £600=~£1,600+£200=£1,800 yeah?

I think that pretty much pays off CO so I've only got BC and SB to pay off then it's just charities and stuff but it'll save me £50 a month on my CO bill that I can then use to pay off SB and BC next year... I really can do this!

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