Wednesday 20 January 2016

Please beware - this is a political rant!

Just spoken to me mum and our Prime Minister promised that he wouldn't cut rural bus routes.

The village my mum lives in has never had a good bus service - before I moved to Gloucester with Steve there was 1 bus each way to Oxford 6 days a week, 2 buses a week each way to Banbury and 1 bus a week to Chipping Norton.

David Cameron has cut all bar the Chipping Norton bus which is stopping on 13th February.

There was a temporary shuttle bus to Deddington but that stops in June as well.

That means my mum will be restricted to the village shop which is being sold so she won't have access to anything at all except 2 pubs!  She's that rural!  Yes, totally serious unfortunately!

My mum can't help thinking that if the town and city buses were reduced from every 5 minutes in rush hour to one every half an hour and used the money they would save to feed into the rural routes then that would more than cover the rural bus route costs.

FFS Mr Cameron, keep your promises to those with no choice about the transport!

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