Thursday 14 January 2016

Live in the UK? Love shopping on Amazon?

I've just ordered 4 months supply of vitamin B12 from Amazon for 10p!

Why?  How did I do it?

I joined a site called I love to review at the end of last year and in exchange for an honest review I get things for free or heavily reduced.  The B12 pills I got today cost me a grand total of 10p including postage thanks to the I love to review site.  They are usually £25, in the sale for £10 and the voucher from the site gave me £9.90 off the sale price and because we've got Prime, postage was free and the pills will be here tomorrow!

Our poor postie is going to hate me!  lol


Because the B12 will be here tomorrow, the suede protector will be here in a couple of days for my new boots and my phone will be here at the end of next week.

Steve bought a box full of snacks from Amazon that arrived this morning too!  lol

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