Thursday 28 January 2016

OK, so, I hope I've got my maths worked out right this time!

I get £760 a month in benefit money
My bills come to £460
Which leaves me with £300
Right so far?
February and March money into my savings accounts is £600
April I use the £300 for domain stuff
May is only £37 so £250 into my savings which makes £850 yeah?
June is another £300 into my saving which adds up to £1150 and I'm only half way through the year
July I use £300 for the domain stuff
August and September is another £600 which takes it up to £1750 in my savings
October and November are another £300 for domain names and hosting but for the sake of easy maths, let's say I have £250 left over to go into my savings which takes it up to £2000
December is Yule but I can use the £2000 savings to clear one of the credit cards, BC, which will save me £75 a month starting in 2017 and I just repeat it all again to clear off SB and CO then that's all my debts cleared!  Woohoo!

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