Friday 19 February 2016

Just ranting about the effin' government again

Just spoken to me mum again and she says that within a few weeks there will only be one bus in and out of her village a week even though our PM promised not to cut rural bus routes and then that single bus each way will be cut in March, May or September as well which will leave loads of people in the village with no transport whatsoever!

I suggested moving to Gloucester last time I spoke to her and again just now and it's now becoming a very real possibility for her because a hospital, GP, chemist/pharmacy and dentist are all within easy walking distance and there are more buses to Cheltenham on a Sunday morning than she currently gets in a month in her village.

Apparently the PM is going to cut all rural bus routes throughout the country in the not too distant future and he'll give the money from those cuts to the migrants instead of the people who were born here.

I've got nothing at all against migrants - they are fleeing from their country for a reason and we live next door to a migrant, it's the PM and councils I've got a problem with!

I just want what is best for my mum is all!

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