Sunday 28 February 2016

Yep, definitely have trouble with starting novels!

Just been reading through the final MS in my Toni trilogy and the first two or three chapters are so boring but after that, I really got into what I've written so far that I read sixteen chapters without stopping so I'm up to chapter 19 now that I'll continue writing tomorrow.

I'm thinking of trying to write about four chapters a day after tomorrow, but I'll just write chapters 19 and 20 tomorrow ready to start on the four chapter challenge on Tuesday which will be just under 4k words a day and almost a block a day so I'll hopefully be finished that as well in a couple of weeks then it's another week of getting out of Toni's head then I'll be starting to edit!

Which MS do I start editing first though?  A picture book?  The early reader?  The Toni trilogy or my YA novels?

Gotta get out of Toni's head before I start thinking about editing though!  lol

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