Thursday 22 June 2017

Just checked the back of the new multi

It's definitely got Calcium and Magnesium in it, which I'm short of because I'm allergic to dairy.

It's definitely got Iron in it which I need because I'm vegetarian.

It's definitely got Thiamin (vit B1) which is what I was short of when I was in hospital.

It's definitely got Folic acid (vit B9) in it, which was tested at the same time as B12 and I was short of both of them.

It's definitely got vit B12 in it which I'm short of.

It's also got vit D in it which I'm short of too.

It's full of all the vitamins and minerals that I could possibly be short of but they sound like they are big like the calcium pills.  That's fine, I just hope they don't taste too bad when I crunch them up!

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