Thursday 22 June 2017

That's me supplements taken

The multi is kicking in and I've got 10 doses left of taking 3 supplements a day, then I'll be onto the new ones and only taking one supplement a day!

I'm currently taking Iron, Calcium and the multi.

The new multi has Iron and Calcium in it as well as B1, B12 and B9 which are the ones that came back low on my blood tests, so I'll only need to take the multi every morning instead of the 3 pills.

I just hope the new ones are small so that I can swallow them whole like I currently do with the Iron and Multi, instead of being capsule shaped, like the Calcium, which are too big for me to swallow an I have to crunch up.

Either way is totally OK, as long as the new Multi doesn't taste too bad or chalky otherwise I'll be heaving!

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