Sunday 2 November 2014

Another 4k words written today

It's only the second day of NaNo 2014 but I've written just over 8,000 words in those 2 days and tomorrow I'll be a quarter of the way to finishing the challenge and it's only day 3!  How awesome is that!

Last year I challenged myself to write 2k words a day and I've doubled that this year and the going is great so far!

If I can write 4k words every day for the next 10 days then I'll be finished in less than 2 weeks and I'll feel more confident about writing 60k words next year then, if that goes OK, I'll challenge myself to write double the challenge words in the same amount of time (100k words in 30 days).

It's just the first and last chapters that I struggle with but planning it out really has helped and it's why I didn't win the first year I did it!

WTG me so far this year!

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