Thursday 20 November 2014

Just stuff and things

I had me hair cut again yesterday into a bob cut... except that it now looks triangular to me!  lol

M's been good to me so far this week - didn't have a go at me on Monday with the shopping and she was good to me yesterday too!

I went on LOA (Leave Of Absence) for NaNo again, and I've been getting out of the main characters head and back into my own for the last few days and I'm hoping to double the challenge next year... just got to come up with 50 chapter ideas instead of 25!  lol  Those are harder than the actual writing!

Steve's supposed to get the bandages on his legs changed today, but the ceiling collapsed at the end of last week or at the weekend or something so he doesn't know if it's safe to go or not.  He hasn't had a phone call to cancel it or anything so hopefully it's still OK for him to go!

Also, there's a noisy big dog at the end of the road that barks it's head off all day every day.  Mitzi replied this morning!  So sweet, but at 7am I'm not sure our neighbours appreciated it!

Last thing!  Is it safe to plug an extension lead into an extension lead?  We've already got a reeled extension lead that I plug my wheelchair into when the batteries need charging but I've bought a heater to go into the airlock by the back door but forgot about an extension lead!  Oops!

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