Tuesday 4 November 2014

Over a quarter of the way to finishing the challenge already!

As of now, I've written 16,084 words in 4 days.


Next target is 25k words which is half way through the challenge.

I'll have done it in 2.5 days, then just another 25k to write before the 30th.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If my maths is right I'll write the last 2k words on 13th November and I'll still have most of November to get back into the swing of things, back into my usual routine!

If I complete the NaNo challenge on the 30th, I'll definitely unofficially challenge myself to write 100k words in 2015.  That's 4k words a day for 25 days which is what I'm writing now and it's going well so far!  It just means that instead of writing 25 chapters at 2k words per chapter, I'll write either 50 chapters at 2k words each or 25 chapters at 4k words each... right now I'm thinking of doing the 50 chapters, but I've got to finish this novel first, before I start thinking about next year!  lol

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