Monday 12 October 2015

If you won the Euromillions, what would you do with it?

Steve said last that he sometimes ponders on what he would do if he won the Euromillions lottery which is about £50 million on rollover weeks... I think he was spending more than he would get though!  lol

So, what about you?  What would you spend £50 million on?


  • I'd give some to both sides of the family to clear the mortgages and credit cards and stufff
  • Then I'd donate some to the Dogs Trust
  • Then I'd look for a bigger house for me, Steve and Mitzi
  • Hire a chef to cook home-made meals for us, instead of relying on take aways
  • Adopt a couple of children
  • Get meself a huge laptop
  • Then let the rest of it gain interest in the bank!

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