Saturday 24 October 2015

Just bought meself one more supplement from Simply Supplements

Been pondering on getting another weight loss supplement for the last couple of weeks and I've just bitten the bullet and ordered 180 Maqui Berry pills from Simply Supplements.  I need to take 1 pill 3 times a day so it'll be 60 days supply yeah?  Is my maths right?  Hopefully the combination of those and walking Mitzi every morning will help me to loose my stomach and I'll be able to drop at least one clothes size again.

I'm size 14 atm and I'd like to ideally get down to a size 10 but even size 12 wouldn't be so bad... it's not so much weight I want to loose as much as clothes size! 

I used Acai Berry pills and Milk Thistle pills last time but they aren't suitable for vegetarians any more but the Maqui pills are so I'm giving those a try this time.

Wish me luck!

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