Saturday 31 October 2015

Not a good start to the day! :-(

I woke up at 7.15am and came downstairs, almost fell off the toilet, then Steve's carer came to the door and Steve put Mitzi's lead on, I came in here and took it off.  When Steve's carer went I put Mitzi's lead back on her and saw that Steve was in the bathroom but hadn't closed the door.

When we eventually got out on Mitzi's walk she did everything she could to trip me up then squatted down for a poo... she was constipated.  I brought her back home and went to get a nappy sack and the long handled pooper-scooper and went to clear it up.

It was almost welded to the street.

When I eventually got it up and into the scoop, I put the nappy sack over the scoop like always and tried to empty the scoop.

The nappy sack wouldn't come off so I shook the scoop and bag together which didn't achieve what I'd hoped, it just made the poo come out of one of the handles so I let go of the handles and as soon as I did, the nappy sack fell to the floor and Mitzi's poo all came out and the rake bit fell over and onto the pathway.

Almost the entire bag of poo came spilling out.

Which put me into a foul mood.  Again.

When I eventually re-bagged all the poo and binned it I came back in and washed my hands then took Mitzi out again to finish off her walk.

Just as we were almost finished, Mitzi started barking and whining and pulling at her lead.  I looked and saw a cat so I brought Mitzi home and gave up.

It's only 8.41am and I've already had enough!

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