Thursday 15 October 2015

Just bought meself...

... calcium, magnesium and iron from Simply Supplements 'cos I don't think my usual multi-vitamin tablet have them in and the oral spray I got from Amazon doesn't have them in either and I've only ordered 120 days instead of 360 so hopefully I'll be able to order the calcium, iron and multivitamin together or near enough - just got to remember to keep taking them now!  lol

I've put the open tub of multivitamins on top of my two prescriptions which I've got to order on Tuesday too and the unopened one on top of the external hard drive instead of keeping them both in the kitchen and forgetting I'd bought them!

What's even better is that the delivery was free and they don't take the payment until the tubs are in my hands!  Not many companies do that now!

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