Friday 13 May 2016

OK, I've decided what to do!

I've worked out what to do with the extra £75 a month after March.

I'll put it into my secondary bank account to save up for whenever I need it and for gifts and stuff I need to buy during the year and in case I need it or whatever.

Basically, between now and March I'll be saving up £400 a month to pay off BC.

That'll free up the £75 every month that I'll put into my secondary account.

By the start of 2018 I'll have paid off all 3 credit cards and have £550 every month.

I'll move £500 into my secondary account every month which will still leave me £50 to play with a month and £6,000 a year in my secondary account as a back up in case I need it at any point in future!

Basically I'll be totally debt free in less than half the time I was thinking!


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