Saturday 28 May 2016

Tomorrow, we are going to try...

...the pair of us taking Mitzi out of the door, but Steve walking the pup 100% of the time with me supervising 'just in case' something happens tomorrow, to give him confidence.

He's said he's enjoying his walks with the pup, but his knees and thighs are really feeling it by the second time up and down.

Mine did too, but I just carried on walking and was fine after a few mornings, so hopefully it'll be the same for Steve too!

He's prolly being a paranoid Peter and just needs to slowly build up his confidence 'cos he's only done it for 2 days so far but if he does it every morning he'll slowly build up confidence until he doesn't need me out there then he can slowly build up the number of times he takes her up and down, like I did.

He'll get there in the end!  :-D

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