Friday, 25 May 2018

A child prolly knows more than me about this, but...

I've just had to put a notice on my sites about using cookies on my blogs because of some kind of EU thingamejig.

I know 2 things about cookies:

First they are what Americans (and Canadians??) call biscuits.

This second one is what I need help with though:  Apparently they are some kind of small file that sites put onto the computer of each visitor?  That's literally all I know though!

So, does anyone fancy explaining in very basic and easy to understand language what exactly cookies are, why this is even legal?  Surely if someone wants you to know that information they can give it to the company wants it themselves, or is it a laziness/getting a computer to do boring things kinda thing?  Like with surveys, they match you up to surveys that are appropriate for you, so I wouldn't get a survey wanting answers from a male pensioner kinda thing 'cos they already know that I'm in my 40s and female from the information I gave them when I signed up to the survey site first of all?

The boxes that have your information (like name and postcode etc) - are they cookies please?

The sites you go to regularly, like Amazon, they have a little box that you can tick to remember your log in details on the computer... are they cookies too please?

Basically I'm just after someone to explain to this dumbo what cookies are and why they are included on all my blogs... can you help me?  Please?

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