Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Had 2 productive hours out of the last 10! :-(

Woke up really motivated, came down and turned my laptop on but there was no cursor so Steve said to shut it down with the power button.

Turned it back on but there was still no cursor so I handed the laptop over to Steve and he took the battery out.

That's when things started to go wrong.

I booted up and had my cursor back.  Yay.  Nothing negative happening yet.

I opened up my email programme but none of my Google accounts were there.

Steve suggested restarting the programme.

This time only my domain email addresses were there but there wasn't a single email in the whole of the programme.

So, I started downloading all my email again and setting up my Googlemail addresses but no cigar with that either.

I went out to see C for the only productive 2 hours I've had today, came home stress free and happy so I started putting in all my Googlemail accounts again.

I've got six of the dratted things and I managed to sort out five of 'em but the sixth one refused to play ball so I was quickly getting stressed out again.

I don't know what I did, but it's working now, just hasn't even started downloading my emails yet so it's gonna have to be another late night with the laptop left on all night in the hopes that by the time I come down in the morning, I can just walk the pup then get straight into studying.

I haven't done any studying since Sunday and I've forgotten everything I'd learnt up to then so it'll be a case of starting from scratch again.

Not happy at all.

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