Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Namehog V TSOhosts

Got 3 emails from TSOhosts yesterday afternoon saying that they have re-set my password.

I'm like "huh?"

I went to the Namehog site this morning and the TSOhosts bods have bought out Namehog and they really haven't made a good first impression on me!

They've set all the domain names that I cancelled to auto-renew, I couldn't do anything without accepting their cookies and I couldn't put my debit card into my account for auto renewals.

They've lost a customer now.

I was with Namehog right from the start... getting on for 20 years and they were fantastic.

I contacted TSOhosts about the card not being accepted and apparently it's a known issue that they are working on and will be fixed "shortly".

Well they will "shortly" lose a customer and I'll give them a single star review and recommend everybody avoids them.

Steve's happy with FastHosts so I'm seriously considering changing to them instead 'cos you can pay monthly instead of annually which is more expensive but less of a shock when you get an invoice for £1000 every year for each domains and hostings!

I'm gonna give TSOhosts until the end of the week to sort out the known issue then potentially move to FastHosts.

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