Sunday, 27 May 2018

Rant about my so-called carer

Steve's my official carer now.

He gets paid carer's allowance for being my carer for over 35 hours a week.

In 7 days he has 6 things to do:

  1. Do my bra up when I get out of the bath or shower
  2. Clear up Mitzi's poo from the back yard on a Sunday
  3. Take the bin bag out ready for it's collection early on a Monday morning
  4. Take the recycling box out for the same reason.
  5. Take the pup out for her walk 'cos I'm just not stable enough to take her very far.
  6. He's supposed to cook food for both of us at least once every day.
It's Sunday today, yeah?  He did number 1 after I got out of the shower.  Made a great big fuss about doing number 3.  Refused to do number 2 until I'd taken Mitzi for her walk and he was starting to feel guilty.  I did number 4 myself and put the bag of poo into the rubbish bag he took out this morning.  He hasn't done number 5 at all this week, it's been entirely down to me.  He hasn't done number 6 at all this week either... the closest we got was him making me a couple of sandwiches at lunchtime, the rest of the time it has been totally take-aways.

Of the 35 hours a week of care he is supposed to provide for me, he's actually done about 10 minutes of it.

Me OTOH doesn't get any carer's allowance at all and I do everything for Steve.  I answer the door and phone whenever it goes for him, bring in deliveries, let him in when he comes home, walk the pup so that she gets a small amount of exercise even though Steve's frequently said that he enjoys taking the pup out for her walks... why not do it every day then??  I take the rubbish out to the kitchen, order and pay for the groceries every week, bring the recycling box and rubbish bag in after they have been emptied on a Monday, listen to him rant about having to work 7 days a week including late into the evenings, the TV is constantly on even when Steve's snoring away in his chair and gets grumpy when I ask him to turn it off and that's just on a Monday!!

Steve cares for me for 10 MINUTES a week and he gets carers allowance.
I care for Steve for 12-15 hours A DAY but apparently I'm not entitled to it.

Steve can afford to get take aways and huge boxes of stuff from Approved Foods and Amazon then complains about having to put money (£20 a week) towards the groceries.  This week's shopping came to pennies under £60 yet the only things that were mine cost less than a fiver.  That means that £55 of the groceries was Steve's stuff this week so why's he complaining??

I've got a grand total of £7 A MONTH left to myself after I've paid for the electric too yet Steve's complaining about having no money left for himself!!

Tell you what Steve, you survive on £7 a month for a few months and I'll let you get away with complaining then.  You get more in benefits alone than I do and you've got a job on top of that so shut up about how little money you've got until you've survived on £7 for a few months!!

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