Sunday 21 September 2014

5 big yay's

First yay is an OCD thing - this is post number 300 in my blog... yay!  Next goal is 500 lol

Second to fifth yay's are wheelchair related.

So, the second yay is that I got into town and back without falling out of Patrick again!  Yay!  Just got to slowly build up confidence in myself and the chair now and believe in myself that I can cross 2 really busy roads each way on me own... I did it twice with C today, but C told me when it was safe to cross.  Hopefully I'll be able to cross those roads without feedback next time... I'm so close to total independence!  When I can confidently get into Gloucester alone, the next challenge is Cheltenham!

Third yay may not seem like a big deal to you but it's a huge deal to me and has done wonders for my confidence in steering.  Why?  Because right on the corner of a slopey bit there was scaffolding taking up at least a third of the pavement then about a (walking) step further on there was a folded up, solid, barrier thing to get around!  I did it without knocking any of it over or falling out of the chair!

Fourth yay is that I didn't break anything... the wheelchair lift, the wheelchair or me!  Yay!  I almost fell out of the seat as I got out of Patrick and into the pub chair next to the wheelchair but even that didn't happen this afternoon!  I must have looked drunk at 12.45pm on a Sunday but I wasn't and I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks!

The final yay is that there are some really understanding drivers in Gloucester because on our way back, crossing the second busy road, a driver stopped and let me cross his side of the road then a people carrier stopped on the other half of the road without hurrying me!  There are some wonderful drivers out there!

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