Monday 1 September 2014

Yet again... :-(

M's just gone after putting the shopping away and yet again Steve gets credit for the things I've done and I get blamed for the things Steve hasn't done.  Yet again M's decided that because I don't have a job that I should be Steve's slave.

Steve's done 3 things in the last 7 days - he's washed up once, put the washer/drier on once and taken the bag out of the kitchen bin.  That's it.  I've done everything else but Steve got credit for it. 


Well, next week is the final week I'll put up with it.

If it happens again I'm going to look for a bungalow in Oxfordshire or Bristol and then M will see that she's been giving the credit and blame to the wrong people.

I won't divorce Steve 'cos I still love him but I want an escape route somewhere to get away from M's misplaced blame!

If you could divorce non-partners I would have done it years ago!  :-(

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