Saturday 6 September 2014

What a spectacular puppy!

If you don't like spiders then read this with caution - I mention the huge spider but not as much as on the third.  Read this message if you want to, but if you don't like spiders then just be prepared!

Mitzi is spectacular for 2 reasons within 5 minutes of each other.

The first is that the huge spider is no more... Mitzi the hunter spotted it just above the plugs, plucked it off the wall then killed it and played with it's body until Steve told her to leave it alone.  She had the look of a confused hunter who came across something totally new and protected her parents (me and Steve) then just to make sure it was dead, she ripped all of it's legs out and played with the body!

We both praised her and I went to get a Detastick for her.

Her expression immediately went from hunter to innocent excitement!

We came back in here and Mitzi immediately sat down without me even asking her.  I said "wait" and her expression changed again, this time to pleading eyes and semi drooling mouth.  I put the Dentastick right in front of her nose and asked her to "wait" again for a few more seconds before saying "OK" and letting her have it.

She's 5 years old and a rescue pup that we've had for 4 years and she's the most incredible dog I've ever had the opportunity to meet!

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