Thursday 18 September 2014

Mitzi's walk this morning

I've just got back from taking Mitzi for her walk and she was a naughty girl today  :-(

She was fine until she spotted a cat underneath a car!  Usually she just wags her tail and wants to play with cats... not today though!

She sped up and pulled me with her so that I almost fell over until she got to the car then started barking and yapping and trying to go under the car after the cat.  Not what you need at 7.15am!

The cat ran off.

Mitzi started running after it, almost pulling me over.

The cat ran around a corner and Mitzi wanted to follow it.

No way.

We walked to the corner then came home.

Steve said that if she does it again then I should just turn around and bring her home.

It's only the second or third time that she's been naughty in the 4 years we've had her though!

I still love her to bits, she's just in my bad books right now!  :-(

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