Monday 8 September 2014

Steve's just phoned the council and...

... it's official, the bloke at the end of the street doesn't have a leg to stand on if Mitzi wee's on the pavement outside his house!  If she poo'd then we could be prosecuted if we didn't clear it up but there's no law about weeing!

If Mitzi poo'd outside then I would bring her back home, grab the arm's length pooper scooper we've got and a nappy sack and go to clear it up!  That's our legal responsibility as dog owners!

There's no law against her weeing though, so shove that where the sun don't shine as of tomorrow!  lol

Screw you Mr!  You don't have the law on your side and Steve was honest with the person he spoke to so you don't have the council on your side either!  I've got no problem telling you that so be prepared for a fight if you want it!  :-P

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