Thursday 23 October 2014

Cooking meals

Steve enjoys cooking meals and so do I.

Steve doesn't like sitting out in the kitchen alone, to babysit the food until it's done.

I'm not stable enough on my feet to bend down to take food out of the oven, but I can prepare the food and put it into the oven.

So, we've come to an agreement.  I will prepare our meals and put them in the oven and Steve will take them out and serve them up.  That way, we are both cooking and doing things together for each other, playing on each others strengths and working around our less confident things.

The days that Steve doesn't want to do his part of the cooking, I'll grill burgers, bung a tray of chips into the oven and put some veggies in the steamer... I can do that alone and will mean that Steve doesn't feel pressured into cooking and stops us ordering a take away too!

I just need to remember to take my gorgeous opal rings off so that they don't explode in the heat!

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