Tuesday 28 October 2014

Feeling really proud of myself right now!

I’m addicted to spending and I’ve already spent over £700 this month so was hoping not to spend anything else until December but I found an amazing Pagan shop that I could easily have spent a small fortune in and I could hear my addiction niggling away at me to spend just a little bit in there to see what it is like and it almost convinced me to open an account with the site and I was soooo close to getting my debit card out and spending “a little bit on a couple of bits of jewellery” but there’s an amazingly huge crystal that’s 38cm x 30cm x 26cm and weighs 28kg and it’s one of a kind but it costs £720 and I know that if I opened an account or bought the couple of bits of jewellery, that crystal would find it’s way into my possession at the same time!
So I closed the browser window and denied the craving to go back to “have a look at the opal rings” and started typing this instead... I just need to get through to Yule then I’ll treat myself to it if it’s still there and I’m still comfortably enough in credit at the bank to get it... this is going to be such a hard few months!
You and me, spending addiction, you and me... I’ll win!

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