Wednesday 29 October 2014

My poor knee!

I’ll be up and down like a flippin’ yo-yo today and my knee is already killing me!

I’ve walked Mitzi, got 3 cans of Diet Coke out of the box then sat down to relax for all of 15 minutes before going back into the kitchen for another 3 cans.

I’ll be up again to answer the door to Steve’s carer and you can bet that within minutes of me sitting back down on the poof (sp?) I’ll be answering the door to a courier then up again for Steve’s sticky bandages with the post!

That’s another thing that pisses me off… Steve’s got the whole sofa to himself and he let’s Mitzi get up whenever she wants to but I'm stuck with the poof and I get the blame for everything even though I’m not Steve’s carer but he’s mine!

I give up!

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