Thursday 30 October 2014

Online shopping

Do you enjoy shopping online?  I do!

Want to get a cashback reward from it?

I'm with 2 places and I recommend them both!

Nectar gives you points on your shopping at Sainsbury's and loads of others - just hand over your Nectar card in the shop or activate it online and away you go!  I've been with them for at least 1.5 decades!  You can also get points for just installing and using the Nectar toolbar... the maximum right now is 100 valid searches which is 50 points which amounts to 25p a month - money for nothing!

The other one is Quidco where you register your debit cards and you get a percentage of each shop online back... my favourite so far is Simply Supplements - I spent £30 there and because I went through Quidco first, I'll get £5 back in a couple of weeks!

It's free to join Quidco, but if you let them have £5 of your annual cashback then they will upgrade instantly to a Premier member which means that certain shops give you cashback faster - it doesn't come out of your bank account, but your cashback - definitely recommend it!

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