Wednesday 22 October 2014

Masterchef Australia

I'm currently watching Masterchef Australia and they are supposed to be doing Brit food so I'm watching with interest...

... the only truly British food that they are making is"bangers" aka sausages but they aren't producing the mash (potato's) to go with it!  Surely that's not truly British food if such a basic dish is served up so screwed up!  :(

One of the teams cut into their "cooked" meat and deep red blood came out!  Surely if it's going to be that rare then there's no reason that the poor animal should have died!  :(

One of the teams is really food challenged when it comes to Brit food... they are serving up jelly and cream for pud... it should be, if it was a true Brit pud, *ice* cream not squirty cream and it should be a bowl full of it, not a tiny bit of Earl Grey tea jelly in the very bottom of  a weird glass thing!

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