Friday 15 February 2019

Friday 15th February 2019

Just got back from the pup's walk.  500% so far, which takes the extra's bank up to 2150% after 5 days, but I'm hoping we'll go out again later on when the pup has recovered.  I'd like to do another 350% to take the bank account up to 2500% but I'm not going to force her if she really doesn't want to 'cos that'll be the furthest we've walked since we first got her and she had more energy because she was a young, spritely little girl almost 9 years ago!

She poo'd on our walk this morning, which I dutifully picked up, but it's made me really shaky and unsteady on my feet for a while now so I need to recover too.

Steve's got a medical appointment again today (it's every Friday for the time being) so it'll be a late lunch/early tea today so that he can "just sit out there for 20 minutes" and it'll be "something and chips again 'cos they are nice and easy to do" which is fine by me!

Just been for part two of the pup's walk and we did 350% so the extra walkies bank balance is now at 2500% after only 5 days!!

We'll both sleep well tonight!  lol

So proud of us both for smashing our previous record of percentage walks in a day by doing 850% today, which is 100% more than our previous personal best in a day.

Assuming we do 600% both days of the weekend, we'll be at 3000% again, which is awesome!

I want to try and increase our daily walks to at least 500% every morning, but I would prefer 600% for ease of maths lol

Celebrating the 850% walk with a gorgeous Dolce Gusto (£36 off atm too!) Chocochino (no milk pods, but if you prefer milk, these are the chocochino milk pods to go with the chocochino pods up there ^^ but I've got no experience of them because of my dairy allergy)... I'd forgotten just how gorgeous they were!

1715 steps now so I doubt I'll walk 285 steps before I head to bed, but that's OK as long as I hit 1750!

That's me prescription taken and I'm still full from lunch lol.  Forgot to take me supplements this morning and it's too late now so I've set up a reminder on my phone for that too lol

Can't stop yawning, so I'm having an early night.  See you all tomorrow.

Nite nite orl!

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