Thursday 28 February 2019

Thursday 28th February 2019

That's me supplements swallowed.  They all went down really easily this morning!  Two mouthfuls of squash for each one of 'em which is amazing for the Calcium especially!

Gonna take the pup on her stroll now then come home to feed her then wait for the district nurse to come at about 11am!

Another 500% this morning, so the extra walkies bank balance is now 2000% after 4 days.  My maths is cruddy at the best of times, but if we do 450% on two days and 400% on the other day, that adds up to 1300 - right so far?  Then take off the 300% for the minimum length on those three days takes us to 1000 right?  Then add in the current balance of 2000 makes it 3000% extra after 7 days, yeah?  If that's right then my OCD will be happy lol

Just brushed me teeth again.  It's definitely the cafetierre coffee that's staining them 'cos I haven't had any so far today and me teeth are slightly whiter than they were yesterday morning, so maybe I just need to find a brand of coffee that doesn't stain them?

So proud of us this week!

We've not only had four home-cooked meals in four days and it's likely that tomorrow will be 5, as long as we've got enough cans of curry, but there are literally 6 individual items that are brand names, not Sainsbury's own brand things!

The shopping comes to pennies over £71 instead of the £78 that it was with just the brand name cakes on!  It's so much better value for money to get own brand things that usually taste exactly the same, literally the only difference seems to be the box it comes in!

Assuming that we have another home-cooked meal tomorrow, Steve'll definitely deserve his Creme Egg!

I'm gonna take me pills and head to bed now... I is totally wiped out!

Nite nite orl!

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