Sunday 24 February 2019

Sunday 24th February 2019

The virus scan finished at midnight.

Still virus and malware free.

Gonna take me supplements, do the backup and take the pup for her walk in that order now.

The supplements are taken now.  The Calcium crumbs mostly behaved and stayed in one place and the other three went down really easily, thankfully.

That's the puppy walked and my teeth brushed so I'm just waiting for the back-up to finish now.

We walked 400% this morning which means... hold on, gotta check the bank balance... back now.  There's 2750% in the bank which is awesome!  My OCD is happy so I'll hopefully have an easy time of it anxiety-wise today!

Back-up's just finished so I've put it away for another week now.  I can shut my laptop down for a well-deserved break at lunchtime.  Hoping for pasta 'n' sauce for a change now that we've got a 3kg bag of pasta in the kitchen.

Almost forgot about the rubbish and recycling!  Need to clear up the pup's poo and empty my bin and the bathroom bin too today 'cos both bins are overflowing!

That's both bins emptied, the pup's poo cleared up and the rubbish and recycling outside ready for the morning.  No arguments at all this week!  I asked Steve to empty the bathroom bin while he was in there, he asked me to take the rubbish bag down the hall and out into the collection point, I scraped up the poo and Steve held the bag open for me... pure teamwork this week!  😃Yaaay!  😀

We're having one last take away for tea then Steve's promised that we'll have home-cooked meals every day next week.  We shall see.  I don't mind having take-aways as treats, but I want more home-cooked meals than take-aways is all.  This'll be our third take away this week, but that's 4 home-cooked meals, so as long as we don't have any more than that I'll try not to be "controversial" (to quote Steve) about it.

I'm going down the healthier route and having a veggie lasagne and Steve's decided to have pizza.

The shopping, with several big brand treats (cakes, chocolate etc) comes to £70.04 which is fine by me.  Steve's found his favourite chocolate (Cadbury's Creme Eggs) for 50p each, so I've promised him that he can add 2 to the shopping but he's not allowed them until Friday and we have to have home-cooked meals every day next week.

He's agreed.

I'll be keeping them in the bedroom so that he can't have a sneaky lick then wrap them back up again lol  They are waaay too sweet for me so as long as we have a home-cooked meal every day, he's allowed to devour them after we've eaten on Friday.

He's just agreed to having one on Friday if we have home-cooked meals every day during next week and the other on Sunday if we have come-cooked both days of the weekend too.  Bribery and corruption at it's finest lol  😆

Just taken off my chocolate and the muffins then added a box of 12 Creme Eggs to the order 'cos it was too good to pass up.


Individual eggs were 50p each.

The box of 12 was £4.

Quick bit of maffs for you - feel free to tell me if my sums are wrong!

50p x 8 = £4, yeah?

12-8=4, right?

So by getting the box of 12, I'm getting 4 free which is ⅓ free, correct?

I'll use the box for further bribery of Steve when they're delivered tomorrow lol  The box of 12 is 6 weeks worth of bribery which ain't bad going for £4 - under £1 a week and potentially 6 weeks of home-cooked meals every day!

😘 😍 😲 👌
It'll save about £20 per take-away which is getting on for £100 a month that we can spend on brand name food or paying off more of the mortgage or whatever.  £20 a week doen't sound like much, but if we do it just once a week for a year, that's £1040 a year which would take a nice chunk extra off the mortgage and if we did it every year then we'd be able to pay the mortgage off a bit earlier too!

We can soo do this... it's just a case of breaking another bad habit is all!

Steve's just made a very good point - we don't smoke, drink, go on holidays or have a car so take-aways are our guilty pleasure.  Seeing it like that, it's not so bad that we have a take-away a week I suppose!

Uninstalling and hopefully reinstalling Visual Studio so that it's taken out of it's current location where it takes getting on for 20 minutes just to back up that one folder a week (I set it backing up as soon as I came down this morning, walked the pup for about 15 minutes then came home.  There was still 8 minutes left of the backing up even then!  Same as every weekend) then I'll reinstall it into the Program Files bit and hopefully get it all set up again ready for me to upload the new version to the members area on my writing site and hope that it still works!

That's Visual Studio sorted in hopefully the right place this time!  lol

Potato Twisters and veggie lasagne for tea today... can't wait!

Gonna shut down until I've had me tea then might come back on for a short second part, but no guarantees, so I'll say nite nite orl now just in case.  💤

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